Our Prices

Fuzzy Face Pet Sitting Service Rates

Dogs & Cats

$18 for up to 2 pets. $1 per additional pet per visit.

Other pets
$12 per visit for small animals

$20 per barn visit $5 per each additional horse.

Add a Dog Walk
$5 for a 20 minute walk. Time is added to basic visit

Weekly Mid-Day Visits
$14 per visit for Mon.-Fri. between 11am -3pm. This is for regularly scheduled Mid-Day Weekly visits

Food Pick-up
$5 plus cost of food. We will go get more food, supplies if your pet runs out.

Pet Taxi
$20 for round trip to groomer, vet, other. $12 for one-way trip.

Holiday Fee
$10 is added to the Total Due for observed holidays:

Call us at  803-243-0516 or email us to discuss rates and services.